Judicial Process in America

Known for shedding light on the link between the courts, public policy, and the political environment, the new ninth edition of Judicial Process in America provides a comprehensive overview of the American judiciary. Considering the courts from every level, the authors thoroughly cover judges, lawyers, litigants, and the variables at play in judicial decision making. This remarkably current revision will only solidify the book's position as the standard-bearer in the field.

For this ninth edition, the authors have added new or updated coverage of:

  • Federal judges, including data on the Obama administration, as well discussion of the appointments during the past three and half years;
  • Non-trial processes, such as administrative hearings, arbitration, and mediation;
  • Health care reform and analysis of the judiciary's rulings;
  • Gay marriage;
  • Women on the Supreme Court; and
  • George W. Bush's imprint on the judiciary.

Tables, charts, graphs, and photos have also been throughoutly updated.


  • The Annotated Constitution in the book's appendix features the authors' explanatory comments for each of the document's articles and sections, offering context and references to landmark cases.
  • Chapter summaries help focus students' study and review.
  • Further Thought and Discussion Questions promote critical thinking and reflection on key chapter points.
  • Annotated Suggested Resources list books, journal articles, and websites, offering students guidance for further research.
  • An array of comparative references and examples throughout the book highlight aspects of the U.S. judicial system that are uniquely American.